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Youth League Combine - Sunday September 11th

This season will bring the largest amount of players the PFFL has ever had. In order to accommodate for that growth, our coaches will be evaluating all of the youth players within three specific groups for the Combine on Sunday September 11th. The groups will match the break-down by division based upon age to allow our staff to properly teach and evaluate players among their peers. 

The schedule for the Combine is below, and you can view what group your child will be in by visiting the youth league section of the main site (www.pghflagfootball.com). The divisions are based upon age, so how ever old your child is on August 1st, 2016 will dictate what what division they will be placed in.  


7yrs - 9yrs
10yrs - 12yrs
13yrs - 15yrs

Combine Schedule 

GROUP #1 (7yrs - 9yrs)
1:00pm - Brief Welcome
1:10pm - Warm-up/Stretch
1:20pm - Begin combine drills
2:10pm - Break down /send off

GROUP #2 (10yrs - 12yrs)
2:30pm - Brief welcome
2:40pm - Warm-up/Stretch
2:50pm - Begin combine drills
3:40pm - Break down / send off

GROUP #3 (13yrs - 15yrs)
4:10pm - Brief welcome
4:20pm - Warm-up/Stretch
4:30pm - Begin combine drills
5:20pm - Break down / send off

To get a better idea of the type drills your child will be doing, read the Help Center article What Should My Child Expect At The Combine

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