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Draft and Roster Disbursement

After the Combine is complete on Sunday March 13th, coaches and staff will spend two days evaluating the data gathered on all of the players. The data gathered will allow coaches to determine what a players rating will be in order to draft teams accordingly. All though coaches will be able to determine what the composition of their team will be, consideration will be given to ensure that every attempt is made to achieve equity across all teams.

Parents who have submitted a Special Request Form for a potential teammate or coach request will be addressed during the draft. If a coach is interested in drafting a player that has requested to be paired with another player, that coach will have to consider drafting both. Keep in mind that requests are not a guarantee and players will rarely have the ability to move down in division because of a request. 

Parents and guardians will be notified via email on Wednesday March 15th with the practice and game schedules for the team their child was drafted by. 

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