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What Should My Child Expect At The Combine?

First things first, this is not the NFL Combine and we can assure you that there will be no forty yard dash timing happening. The youth league Combine that your child should expect to be a part of will serve the purpose of both teaching and evaluating. Below are list of some of the drills that your child can expect to participate in that the coaches will use to assist in the decision making process when drafting each team. To understand more about the draft process, read the following Help Center article "How Are NFL Flag Youth Teams Selected".

Drills To Expect:

  1. Flag Pulling (close range) - A defensive player will be asked to pull the flag of an offensive player within a confined space of a square measuring five (5) yards by five (5) yards. 
  2. Pass Catching (various distances) - Offensive players will be asked to catch the football both in a stationary and running position. 
  3. Rushing The Quarterback - Defensive players will taught techniques for safely rushing the quarterback and making an attempt to pull there flag. Rushers will line up seven (7) yards away from the line of scrimmage and positioned atleast on (1) yard outside of the ball. 
  4. Passing (various distances) - Offensive players will be asked to throw the football in both stationary and running positions. 

The drills described above are some of our core drills, but many more will be run based upon the age / division. To learn more about what your division your child will be in, read the following Help Center article "Youth League Divisions (By Age)".

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