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What Does the Youth Registration Fee Include?

One of the first questions that comes to the minds of many parents before signing their child up for the NFL Flag program is what will my son or daughter receive? A valid question to ask because in many instances of youth sports, parents and kids alike are left "wanting" as many programs do not live up to what is advertised. To assure parents that their child will walk-away this season with a sense of fulfillment, below are a list of items and features you and your child can plan on both on and off the field. 

  • Official NFL Flag reversible jersey (NFL teams vary).
  • NFL Flag belt.
  • Field turf playing surface. 
  • Weekly action photos which are free for download.
  • Regular articles covering teams and featured games.
  • All coaches have passed the official NFL Flag Certification Coarse. 
  • Custom team and player profile page. 
  • iOS and Android native app which is free to download. 






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