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How Are NFL Flag Youth League Teams Selected?

To assume that a youth player could recruit enough friends to make a team and then combine one of the parents to be the volunteer flag football coach is very unlikely. Although many NFL Flag leagues across the country have operated in some version of this description, the Pittsburgh Flag Football League functions by a draft system each season. 

Why draft players each season?

  1. Ensures team equity.
  2. Allows players to intermingle and compete with kids from different schools and areas of the city. 
  3. Ensures that repeat players receive different coaches and experiences each season.  

How are players drafted? 

  1. All players within there designated age division will arrive together on the designated first week of the season for the Combine. 
  2. The Combine will consist of various drills and exercises designed to motivate, teach and evaluate all of the youth players. 
  3. After the Combine, coaches will then meet to collaboratively draft players on to teams. 

Parents who have submitted Special Request Forms prior to the start of the Combine will be given consideration by our coaches to ensure that the player or coach request is met. Although not guaranteed, the coaches and league administration will make every attempt to accommodate Special Request Form submissions. 

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