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3 Reasons to Arrive at the Flag Football Field Early

Many rookie and veteran flag football players alike may simply push these tips off as nonsense, but the reality is all three (3) reasons are not executed on a weekly basis during the season. Now by no means does following these ensure any team of unlimited success, but at the bare minimum it can set a team up for constant improvements all season long. Compiled from years of watching both good and bad flag football teams succeed and fail, this list should atleast serve as some bench-marks for success. 

  1. Stretch and Warm-up - Your team is participating in a recreational sport with adults who in some cases have not done anything physically active in a long time. Maybe you just read that line and internally your feeling like you may be one of those adults, and that is ok. Whether you are the person in the best shape or the worst shape, take the responsibility of being the teammate that texts and calls everyone the day before the game and reminds everyone to arrive thirty (30) minutes early. Because you are going lead the charge, be sure to be prepared to help lead others through some stretches and drills to get the day started off correctly. Check out this short video series on performing an Active Dynamic Warmup.
  2. Be Nosey - Flag football, like many sports tends to breed copy cats and in the PFFL it is no different. Many of the past championship teams run the similar plays and approach the game with a similar thought process. This is not say that doing what others do will yield the same results, but if your team is relatively new or going through some changes than there is a lot of good and bad examples that can be learned from in order to elevate your team. When you are being nosey don't just sit there and admire, pick up a pen and paper and start drawing the plays that you see. 
  3. Scout - With the PFFL being structure similar to the NFL with two (2) conferences and six (6) to eight (8) divisions, your divisional opponents will be very important. Knowing and understanding what skill level resides on the rosters along with their tendencies can help any team secure a good playoff seeding. When scouting an opponent, take advantage of the accessibility of their stats online to solidify your teams understanding of who the opponents top players are. 
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