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5 Flag Football Essentials to Complete Before The Season Kicks-Off

Like many teams get their start in flag football, a team name is usually the catalyst for many decisions to come. Although a team name can be critical because it describes the personality of its members, we have put together a list of five (5) essentials "to-do's" before the season starts. Rookie and veteran teams can benefit from the information on this list, so don't get impatient.....read the whole list. 

  1. Read the Rulebook - We cover this topic more in depth in the article found here, but we felt that it is worth still mentioning. Why you ask? Because most teams don't do it. 
  2. Have 5 Offensive Plays - Believe it or not, it does not take much to win a flag football game because often, most teams do not show up prepared. The reliance on athleticism happens all to often and the effort it takes to draw five (5) plays just seams like to much. Take the extra step, and at the bare minimum draw a few plays on paper and place them in a plastic sleeve for gameday. 
  3. One Minute Offense - The good teams have this and so should yours. If you followed through with the second bullet above, then be prepared to go "next -level". Of the five (5) offensive plays that were drawn, pick three (3) and encourage all of your teammates to remember each players assignment. Name those plays, and make them your go to playbook during the final minute of a game or for a change of pace when speeding things up. 
  4. The Quarterback Must Run - The ability for the quarterback to run when the rusher crosses the line of scrimmage is an element of the game that your team should exercise at least twice per half of every game. In traditional flag football the quarterback is forced to stay in the pocket, but in the PFFL the quarterback has the option to run on any down as long as the rusher crosses the line of scrimmage. How effective your quarterback is at running the ball is irrelevant because the overall idea is to make your opponent believe that your quarterback is willing to do it. 
  5. Get Uniforms - This is not a fashion show, but it is required by PFFL rule to have jerseys or shirts of the same or similar color with at least one number on the back. 
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