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Choosing the Right Amount of Players for Your Adult Team Roster

So you have made the choice to play this season, and your not quite sure how many players your team should have on the roster. As the PFFL Rules clearly state that each team can have a six (6) man minimum or an eight (8) man maximum roster, each team should take inventory with how many players they need to be successful. When your beginning that process of taking inventory, every team (veterans included) should consider the following. 

Free Agency Period

The Free Agency period is the length of time through the Wednesday after the second week of the regular season. During this time, roster transactions can be completed to trade, waive or sign new players. After the Free Agency period is complete, all rosters will be frozen and no roster transactions can take place through the completion of the season. 

Consistency in Attendance

Each team will play two (2) games per week and there is nothing worse than witnessing a team with only four (4) players in attendance struggle through both games because of fatigue. Choose players that will show up every week. 

Overall Level of Fitness

Take a long hard look at the players on the prospective roster and be sure that each player can take part in a physical activity. 

The Bottom Line

  • Choose consistency over talent.
  • Arrive thirty (30) minutes early each week to stretch and warm-up.
  • If your team is relatively new, than roster seven (7) or eight (8) players. 
  • Veteran teams with high levels of fitness should consider rostering six (6) players.
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