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The Divisions (By Age)

By in large, one of the most important aspects of an established youth sports league has to be the division of players by ages. When the Pittsburgh Flag Football League began to be a provider of the NFL Flag program in 2011, player enrollment was small, sporadic and with players ranging from 7yrs to 15yrs. With the growth in player enrollment every season, the amount of players in each division tends to vary, but rest assured there is always enough to support three divisions.

The divisional breakdown below is a common example of the divisions of how they will be divided each youth season. The birthday cut-off is August 1st, meaning that whatever your child's age was on August 1st will determine what division he or she will participate in.

7yrs - 9yrs
10yrs - 12yrs
13yrs - 15yrs

While these divisions are used to create a level playing field and balanced teams, we realize that exceptions may arise each season. Whether the exception be for siblings, car-pools or extremely close friends they will need to be processed through a Special Request Form submission.

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