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Drafting Team Policies & Procedures



Teams participating in the Free Agent Draft have an opportunity to scout new and veteran players alike, who have elected to become “Draft Eligible” for the upcoming season. To participate in the Free Agent Draft, the team General Manager must adhere to the process and policies found below.


  • Whatever selections are made, the drafting team must be committed to retaining the Free Agent player throughout the length of the season unless a trade is submitted and approved by League Administration prior to the free agency deadline.
  • The inclusion of all drafted players during practices and games are required.
  • Be a good teammate.


  1. The participating teams’ General Managers must contact League Administration prior to the set draft team deadline. At this time, General Managers indicate the number of free-agent players that are needed to complete their team rosters.
  2. Although not required, it is strongly recommended that the General Manager or team representative attend the Free Agent Combine to evaluate and scout Free Agents.
  3. One day prior to the draft, participating teams’ General Managers and/or team representatives blindly draw for draft order. Preference in draft order is shown to teams that are selecting more than one player.
  4. At the conclusion of the Free Agent Combine, General Managers are given access to a report providing Combine results of participating Free Agents and stats about available veteran Free Agents.
  5. General Managers must be available on the determined draft day to communicate with League Administration via phone, email, or text.


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