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About the Adult league

The Pittsburgh Flag Football League was founded as an adult 4 on 4 flag football league promoted to flag football players of all skill levels throughout the western Pennsylvania area. Created during the summer of 2009, the PFFL found quick success with both college students and adult athletes alike by providing quality fields, good media and a fun environment. Through the recognition of both individuals and teams on a weekly basis the PFFL has always served as a place for people of all athletic skill to be appreciated.

Types of Adult League Events


Typical PFFL seasons consist of a five week regular season with two games played each week. At the completion of the regular season, the 6th week will be a single elimination playoff tournament and championship game. One league will take place each during the fall, spring and summer open to teams and players of all skill level.

Similar to the NFL, the PFFL has two conferences (IRON & STEEL) with each containing three to four divisions. Divisional champions will always receive the top seeds in the playoffs, while other seeds will be determined by regular season record and rank.


In most scenarios, PFFL tournaments are one day double elimination events that take place at various points throughout the year. Typically the rankings of participating tournament teams will be determined prior to the start of the games on the basis of playing experience and optimal competitive balance.

PFFL tournaments are a great way to try the league out for the first time, re-work the build of a current team and most importantly have fun. These events are open to all teams of any level of flag football competition.

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